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Is your niche’ about fitness, health, diet, wellness, organic living, or ext? If so, check out our sample Health/Wellness PLR content.


Do you have a niche’ centered around dating, marriage, family, friendships, parenting, cheating, break-ups or ext? If so, check out our sample Relationships PLR content.

Online Entrepreneurship

Is your niche’ centered around internet memberships, online business coaching, digital course creation, advertising, SEO optimization, or ext? If so, check out our sample PLR content for Online Entrepreneurs.

Beauty & Grooming

Is your niche’ about make-up, perfumes, colognes, hairstyles, beauty products, or ext? If so, check out our sample Beauty & Grooming PLR Content.

Personal Development

Is your niche’ about life coaching, goal setting, focus, mentality, motivation, or ext. If so, check out our sample Personal Development PLR content.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Is your niche’ centered around spiritual development, how to connect with God, how to live a more fulfilling life, or how to attract positive energy? If so, check out our sample Spiritual Enlightenment PLR content.

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